Adam Hupp

A Birthday Challenge

For my birthday celebration last year I did something a little different: a Birthday Challenge. What is a Birthday Challenge?

… a birthday challenge is essentially a goal, generally in the form of physical achievement, to make your birthday more memorable than the last. Usually the number of your years lends itself to the base of your challenge.

– from

Last year’s challenge (my first) consisted of a 26Km run, 26 pullups and 2.6L of beer. For this year’s challenge I’ve decided to run a marathon, which has been a long-term goal of mine. I’ve signed up for the San Francisco Marathon this July 29th. This is great for a few reasons: this distance aligns with my age (26.2 miles vs 27 years), the date almost falls on my birthday, and I’ll by living in the Bay Area this summer.

I haven’t yet decided what all of the events will be for this year but it will probably include another physical challenge and some kind of eating or drinking. Wish me luck!